“Knowing how we are expected to behave makes us confident and self-assured.”

Surpass the Competition: Business Etiquette and Protocol

In today’s highly competitive workplace, both domestic and international businesses look for associates with more than just the latest technical know-how. Fierce competition for positions with the top firms and corporations means that professionals must also possess contemporary social manners and cross-cultural sensitivity to effectively navigate the modern global environment.

Even first-class executives considered to be in the top echelon of their industry choose to continue to improve their soft skills.

If networking is something you prefer to avoid at all costs, we at the International Etiquette Centre are here to help.  We will share new ideas and skills to help you overcome your discomfort as you discover how to move smoothly from one conversation or business opportunity to the next.  Once you have the right tools, you will remain confident and well-equipped to maximize your business skills.

Business Etiquette and Protocol: More than Just a Proper Introduction

BE_2Let’s face it, ours is an uneasy global economy challenging everyone’s employment security. It only makes sense that the more you bring to the table, the more you contribute to your company’s bottom line, and the greater the asset you are to your employer, colleagues, and yourself.

Consider your etiquette skills an all-purpose safeguard for both your business and social reputation, and a necessary component of job security. Never underestimate the value of good manners. For instance, my client Kim B. learned the hard way that ordering the most expensive dish during a business lunch, and barely touching it, did not sit well with the host.  She learned through the grapevine she lost the business she was soliciting due to this gaffe.  The International Etiquette Centre is now on her side, helping to improve her approach to burgeoning business relationships.

With our guidance, you will gain a clear understanding of the acceptable options for using electronic devices in various settings, and learn the best approach to specifically deal with today’s issues, including:

  • Appropriate use of your cell phone in a restaurant
  • Respectful approach to entering a colleague’s cubicle when there’s no door to knock on
  • Appropriate smart phone, laptop and tablet use at meetings
  • Social Media manners
  • When and where to text and leaving proper voice mails

We use interactive and role-playing methods during our business workshop to make it more memorable.  You will learn in a fun and friendly environment. Most of our participants agree that this approach makes the lessons stick.

Who can benefit from having better business etiquette skills?

Anyone who needs to form solid business relationships will benefit from improving his or her etiquette skills. Customer service personnel who have polished etiquette skills make an excellent impression for their companies as well as their clients. Anyone who possesses the kind of top notch manners and social skills that come from quality etiquette guidance can write his or her own ticket to success, especially because these skills make an individual stand out from any peers.

Professional entities that could benefit significantly from business etiquette training include:

  • BE_2New employees who need a polished image and who want to adapt quickly to the company’s philosophy
  • Employees who show potential but lack basic etiquette skills
  • Customer service representatives for the retail, hotel and restaurant industries
  • Office managers who want to deal effectively with their staff
  • Attorneys and CPA offices’ staff
  • Sales representatives looking to improve their marketability
  • Medical offices’ staff
  • Graduate students in Law and Business, college seniors, and recent college graduates who need to shed their student image and take on a more professional air before entering the professional world
  • Financial advisors, investment brokers, and private bankers who must project an aura of success and credibility
  • Executives who wish to stay up-to-date with business and personal image trends in their path to upward mobility
  • Professionals who conduct business with international clients or who travel overseas as representatives of their company
  • Self-employed individuals who want to enhance their professional presence

Productive Networking and Good Business Manners

Effective networking in business and social situations can have an enormous effect on a company’s image. Confident networkers are more desirable than their shy or socially awkward counterparts. We at International Etiquette Center can offer tips to mastering the skills you need to move smoothly from one opportunity to the next, exchange thoughts, listen attentively, and walk away feeling in control.